Armbar From Mount

This blog is a part of the BJJ submissions series.

Points from the mat

  • To control opponent lay on the belly, hook both opponent’s legs, place hands as bases on 45 degrees and focus wait on the waist to press opponent’s chest.
  • Move knees to opponent’s top, while continuing to press opponent’s chest, to gain a high mount.
  • Sit on opponent’s chest, raise knees above the ground a few mm, squeeze knees together, pull opponent’s elbows up and squeeze knees a bit more to close the created gap.
  • Snake grab one of the opponent’s elbows and pull to your chest.
  • Using other hand grab the opponent’s collar, use cross choke movement and press weight on his throat.
  • Move the feet of the proper leg to opponent’s armpit and other leg’s knee toward his head while rotating in 90 degrees.
  • Slide backwards and complete the armbar.

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