Why is the aikido is the deadliest martial arts in the world...

why is the aikido is the deadliest martial arts in the world

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I think it is not and there's no one art that is the deadliest, it all depends on the situation. Are you offensive or defensive, Is there one person against you or more, does he have a weapon, etc. Aikido could be the best in some situations, but not in all.

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Because Aikido has no form...it could adapt to any style and any weapon except guns

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Hahaha no. it's not the most dangerous martial art.

In fact, i think it's one of the least effective martial art known to mankind.

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I believe all martial arts can be effective if implemented properly.

If you speak about Aikido, rolling someone into a wall or a fence can have a dire effect on the rolled person. That said, the entire idea behind Ikido is defend without causing harm to others.

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