Strengthening Drills



  • Hands waving
  • Hands propelling
  • Eblows propelling
  • Palms propelling
  • Upper body turns

Laying on back

  • Stomach, elbows up
  • Stomach, cross
  • Stomach, bycicles
  • Stomach, hands touching cross legs below knees
  • Stomach, side laying, hand touching cross knee
  • Lower stomach, legs scissoring
  • Lower stomach, legs straddle scissoring
  • Lower stomach, legs propelling, both directions
  • Bridge

Laying on stomach

  • Knees, propelling shines, both directions
  • Ancles, propelling feet
  • Back, lifting hand legs and head simultaneously
  • Back, lifting upper body
  • Hands, push-ups
  • Hands, diamond push-ups


  • Legs, straddle legs push-ups (sharif style)
  • Legs, scuotes
  • Legs, feet standing, front, inner, outer and one leg
  • Legs, high jumps
  • Hands, static throw pull
  • Hands, hands stand
  • Hands, horizontal bar
  • Hands, power lifts

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