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The Scare Tactic 101 by Ty Hatfield
Hello, I have been wrestling since the rip old age of five, having had the opportunity to wrestle everywhere it seems from time to time. I want to take you back to the time when I was in high school, and how I seemed to master the art of scare ...
wrist grab & wrist lock by Jennifer
wrist grab
Imagine for a moment you are out with your friends and some big, obnoxious, drunken fool decides he wishes to dance with you. After you politely turn down what he considers a generous offer, he becomes belligerent and wraps a big meaty hand around ...
Surya Namaskar by Jennifer

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Why are you looking for him???
by Jinx675 - 1 week ago
Where are you located? Do you have a school, or give private lessons? Reply to this or message me at 3 1 7 5 2 5 0 9 9 0
by Rick - 1 week ago
Any Wing Chun instructors in Louisville who don't charge out the **** like Louisville Martial arts academy and St Matthews?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know of any decent mobile sharpening guys that they've used. We have a website called http://mymobilesharpeningguy.com that is looking to recruit quality mobile sharpening guys ...
by sharpeningguy - 5 months ago
Hi everyone, just joined, looking for which arts are available in Lexington KY., or the surrounding areas !!!!! My background is mostly Japanese arts. Bujinkan mostly.
by Dragoon5g - 5 months ago
My dad Clint Berry and 2 of his brown belts Jordan Berry (no relation) and Dick Kimber started with Sensei Tabata at this dojo in 1973. They also practiced in Lynn at our dojo. Tabata's ...
by Bob Berry - 6 months ago

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